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9.5% ABV
75.0 IBUs

Duuuuuuuuude...I've never like, looked at my fins before. They're beautiful. But it's like I'm made of water, but like I'm in water. So like where do I begin, and where does the ocean end? Dude. Wait. Was that just the door? Was someone just knocking at the door?? My mom is gunna be so mad. Wait. Ha! Never mind. That was just this Neil Peart drum solo. So where was I? That's right. Time travel. It's like we're all time travelers just like slowly. So like if you think about it, every machine is a time machine...Duuuuudddde. Wait. Did I just hear a car pull up? Ha! Never mind brah, just Peart. Jusssst Peart... (Imperial IPA brewed with honey, passion fruit purée and citra hops).

Style: Imperial IPA

Imperial IPA beers usually range from 7.5% to 10.5% ABV. Spotted Puffer is in the Middle for this style.

Imperial IPA beers usually have a bitterness ranging from 65.0 to 100.0 IBUs. Spotted Puffer is in the Low range for this style.

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Main Brewery
Chicago, Illinois US

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