Are you a brewer?

There's some stuff we should probably tell you if so. See below...

If you're a brewer of beer, in all it's glory, wonder and deliciousness, then you probably are wondering something like: "How can I make sure that all my beers are available in the Beer Smart App?" That's a great question.

The fastest and easiest and really the only way (right now) to get your brewery and your beers listed is by going to BreweryDB and adding your information. On the home page, there are links to add breweries and beers. Here are a few good ideas for you... (For best results.)

  • Add your brewery to BreweryDB as soon as possible
  • Make sure you upload your logo and fill out as much info as possible.
  • Add all of your beers to BreweryDB
  • Fill out as much information as you can - glassware, seasonal availability, IBUs, ABV, etc.
  • Make sure to upload the label for each beer for best results! (You work hard on those labels, we know!)

Once you enter everything into BreweryDB, check back on the Beer Smart within 24 hours to make sure everything appears just right.

At some point, we do plan to provide brewers with special accounts to manage their beers, including adding custom photos of your beers and more.